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Camille O'Donoghue

Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching

and Mindfulness

Improve your life today - Give me a call or book online.

Struggling with major changes in your life, or need help with decisions or challenges. As a life coach and hypnotherapist, I will help you find the solution that fits perfectly with your values and beliefs. Allowing you the freedom to explore options and peace of mind to be your authentic self.

I offer you quality professional therapy using natural healing techniques to deal with life’s challenges. I use various methods and tools to help you get the most out of each session. You will be treated with genuine care and respect allowing you to empower yourself where and when you need it.

Improve your life today.

  • Anxious or stressed out?

  • Finding it hard to let go of habits or addictions?

  • Overthinking or self-sabotaging?

  • Are you saying to yourself it is to hard to change things?

  • That you have no time or you have to much to do?

  • Maybe you just are not coping or feeling overwhelmed.

  • Could it be you lacking the confidence?

  • Needing a boost of motivation to go for what you want in life.





How do we overcome challenging situations, pressure from ourselves and others as well as limiting beliefs? At times finding your way forward can seem like an impossible task on your own. It’s easy to become stuck in unhelpful patterns. Sometimes you just need a new view or frame of reference which can help you to release unwanted thoughts and patterns enabling you to experience a happier life.

I can offer you a targeted treatment plan to support the best outcome for you. Helping you to create your life in a resourceful, positive and meaningful way. My work is with genuine care and respect all through the process, and you can be assured of total confidentiality and professionalism. I am here to help you to solve issues you may have been dealing with for a long time and new challenges or situations that can be overwhelming or stressful.

That's where I can help you to:

  • Overcome obstacles and mental blocks.

  • Clear away limiting beliefs.

  • Relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Make positive rewarding changes.

  • Release habits and addictions.

  • Gain confidence and resourcefulness.

  • Increase motivation and inspiration.

  • Make permanent beneficial changes.

I use proven techniques and strategies to suit your individuality.

You will gain confidence and resourcefulness. Realize your potential. Free yourself from unnecessary pain and mental suffering easily today.

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