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I had no idea what Hypnotherapy was when I made my first session with Camille. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience.

After only 4 sessions I have finally changed a long battle my obsession with food and bad eating habits. I am now losing weight both physically and emotionally and am now able to make mindful healthier choices for my busy lifestyle.

Thank you for your help and support.

- Tracey P.

Image by Sandy Millar

After years of experiencing anxiety on an almost daily basis, I decided to try R4 Hypnotherapy. After only 4 sessions with Camille I feel so much better and now have the tools to get through any situation.

Camille tailored our sessions in order to help with my specific needs and I have been amazed by the results.

I admit I was skeptical about Hypnotherapy, however, I was proved wrong when I felt improvements in myself after the first session.

I highly recommend R4 Hypnotherapy and would encourage you to give it a try for yourself.

- Matt G


I feel simply blessed to have had the benefit of Camille’s Healing Hypnotherapy. I find her work a most pleasant experience and also a deeply empowering process.

She is welcoming and empathetic with a gentle and non judgmental approach. With sensibility and professionalism Camille planned a treatment that was personalized to my requirements.

Her sessions were a soul purification for me and enhanced a new pathway in my mind. I found her voice mesmerizing and the delivery was perfectly conceived so my subconscious could accept what I had been denying for more than a decade.

A sense of harmony started to settle over me and light and hope returned. My momentum increased as procrastination and depression ceased.

Thank you so much for empowering me toward growth and love.

- Manuela M

Image by Waldemar Brandt

“I feel truly blessed to have met Camille and to have received such empowering tools to heal over 25 years of pain and self-destruction.

I have tried numerous therapies, medication, counsellors, and Psychologists to overcome what I felt was a deep-rooted affliction I would never be relieved of.

Instead after receiving a personalized program of face to face and distance Hypnotherapy, I now have the strength to move past old destructive and unhealthy patterns.

Camille, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for shining that light back my way, the light I had thought was gone forever in the darkness. Namaste”

- Debbie

Image by Amateurs Photo

I was looking for direction, clarity and spark going forward. But I came out with more, a wider more empowering gift opening more possibilities to my whole outlook and future.

I feel all parts of my life can be better, and it will snowball as I change my thinking, more change will occur, more possibilities ….

This process has appealed to my science fact side of thinking but also to my spiritual holistic side.  I look forward to where I am going with curiosity and excitement as it unfolds.

- J. Flanagan

Image by Carlos Quintero

I had one session with Camille as I had a fear of going to the dentist.

This fear was holding me back from visiting and receiving the treatment that I needed. After my session I confidently booked my appointment and was keen to experience the changes.

To my a delight, I was completely relaxed and calm throughout my visit even during some evasive treatment. Now I can truly say that I have no issue with dentist visits anymore.

If you really want a positive change or transformation on anything that may be holding you back I highly recommend Camille’s therapies, you will receive a powerful change for the better.

- Janette K.

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