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R4 Healing Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, life coaching, mindfulness and NLP are powerful change tools that work by dealing directly with the heart of the issue.

Hypnotherapy works in a very easy, relaxed manner leaving you in a resourceful state of possibilities.

Hypnotherapy is relaxing, efficient, effective and profoundly beneficial without having to relive triggering experiences. It gives you an insight into your mental processes while providing a deeply relaxing and rewarding experience.

Most subconscious thinking happens deep within the brain, while conscious thoughts tend to occur at the surface. The Subconscious is in control of habits and patterns, automatic bodily functions, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs, values, cognitive biases, and long term memory. The Conscious mind is in control of planning, will power, critical thinking, short term memory, judgement, and decisions.

  • Hypnotherapy is solution focused and works with your powerful subconscious and the processes that control and direct your life choices.

  • Hypnosis engages the mind in a way that creates new neural pathways and therefore brings about changes and new insights in a meaningful way for you.

  • The focus of hypnosis is to help you to achieve the outcomes you desire easily and permanently.

Blue Hydrangeas

I had no idea what Hypnotherapy was when I made my first session with Camille. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience.

After only 4 sessions I have finally changed a long battle my obsession with food and bad eating habits. I am now losing weight both physically and emotionally and am now able to make mindful healthier choices for my busy lifestyle.

Thank you for your help and support.

- Tracey P.

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