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Four Step Anxiety and Stress Relief

Sometimes in our lives something happens that can cause us to retract into our shells, or not do the very things we love to do. We become stressed out or anxious thinking about what may happen.

Because there is a time in everyone’s life where S… happens something just goes wrong, we doubt we worry, we project this into our future based on our past or present state. This kind of thinking can continue to run the show until we make a choice and reach out for help.

How can we deal with anxious, stressed and overwhelming emotions to get us off the merry-go-round and lift up our spirits?

Here are 4 simple steps to try.
  1. Take a break when an unhelpful, negative emotion shows up. Now breathe deeply and slowly paying attention to each breath for several minutes. Because whether you are aware or not when in negative emotion and feeling stressed, you are subconsciously breathing very shallow and erratically. So deep full breathing helps regulate the mind and body.

  2. Focus your attention on relaxing your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, paying extra focus on parts that seem especially tense like your shoulders. You may want to close your eyes while doing this and just breathe naturally and easy.

  3. Now Bring into your mind a place where you feel relaxed, safe and calm a place that is enjoyable for you. Notice all the things that you enjoy about this place. Use all your senses and be there in your mind. Now use your imagination to enhance this place make it bigger and brighter and even more enjoyable. Then simply absorb that feeling into your heart. Be in the present moment with it. Know that this is your place and you can access it anytime you need.

  4. Open your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Shake your body out, then stretch up with both arms to the sky really stretch tall and in your mind say “I choose to be better every day, I can improve every moment”

Give it a go I am sure you will notice a change in your emotional state, but please remember to seek help if you really need it.

Peace be with you


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