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How hard is it in today’s world to take a few moments of reflection allowing the mind to settle and become clear? It’s an impossible task for most of us because we are far too busy being busy.

So, what is this thing we have with having to be busy? Why do we accepted that as the normal. Do we need to be busy to feel significant or to feel we are achieving, to feel we belong because everyone else is busy?

Today’s fast world, fast internet, fast food, fast cars, fast download etc is creating us to feel we need to be busy. The effect of this fast-busy life is causing us to suffer stress, anxiety, confusion, rushed decisions. All because we are attempting to keep pace, or worse depression because we can’t keep up.

This is absurd in our era of Information and knowledge. So why are we not more aware? To be aware requires reflection. Reflection is achieved by slowing down the external world and becoming in touch with the inner world. How is it that we feel obligated to be busy? Why are we not accessing our inner resources and reflecting?

Reflecting allows our mind to settle and clear. This does not mean missing out on important things. In fact, it can really help you be more productive because you will be calm and clear. It simply means taking a few moments here or there throughout your day to settle and reflect. Of course if you can spend more time reflecting there is more benefit.

When you wake in the morning or any chance you have during your day. Settle and quieten your mind. You may want to focus on your breathing nice, slow and easy this will help you relax. Reflect when ever you can for positive benefits. The main thing is practise little and often and simply slow down, plenty of time for busy.

You can set aside longer periods of time for reflection gaining more awareness. Awareness gives insight and understanding and that is what the world needs now more awareness. Otherwise all the information and knowledge of the modern world is wasted.

So, start now and take a few moments reflecting. Take some time because before you know it you will have used all your time on earth being “too busy”.

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